Friday, March 17, 2017

I run for....

Why do you run? Or walk? Especially early in the morning when you could be sleeping? Or when it’s windy? Or rainy and cold? Or when you’ve had a long day… or worse (to some) a long night? Most times we get asked the question from someone who does not run or walk.  Often the person asking the question asks in such a way that really says, “Are you crazy? Why are you doing this to yourself?”

It’s a good question, isn’t it? Did you ever think about why you do it? What motivates you to get up from a warm bed to, seemingly, torture yourself? What makes you want to get out there and get going?

Honestly, I’m a walker – running, ahhh, no. In fact, I’m one of those people who asks runners – why? For me, walking in the early morning is both personal and focused on others.  Personally, I walk to lose weight, to stay in shape, to ‘rev my engine,’ to enjoy nature and to see what is growing and blooming around town. 

But I often walk for others too.  As a breast cancer survivor, I often walk to raise awareness, funds, and hope in the fight against breast cancer – I walk for those who cannot walk for themselves and for those who are no longer here to walk.  

This year, I’m walking for the women, men and children who are the victims of gender-based violence.  I am walking because anyone who suffers this type of violence should be believed and supported through the criminal justice system. I am walking to ensure that these victims and those who investigate and prosecute gender-based violence can hold offenders accountable.

This year in Orlando, EVAWI is hosting a 4K Run Walk n' Roll on April 20 - the last day of its annual international conference.  It’s called Move for the Movement and it starts early – 6:45 a.m. Anyone can walk, run or roll with us – conference attendees, community members, those visiting the area and guests of the beautiful Orlando Hilton. Won’t you join us?
For whatever your reason – to rev your engine, for the comraderie, to get a head start on the day or to just enjoy the early morning with us.  If you’re not attending the conference, or you just can’t bring yourself to get up that early, please consider donating toEVAWI.  Send the message that gender-based violence will not be tolerated.

Before anyone asks you why you’re doing it, ask yourself – why do I run? Why do I walk? I’ve already thought about it – I will walk because gender-based violence is unacceptable.  I will walk because offenders need to be held accountable.  Whether for personal reasons or for other reasons, please join us bright and early on April 20! You’ll be glad you did. 

#MovefortheMovement  #Orlando #IRunFor
Linda Rinaldi, EVAWI Advisory Board Member

I run for.....


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